Following is a list of video links that are related to Hebburn:

Lots of Local Slideshows: Norman Dunn (Please give a few seconds to load): Link.

Get Carter: Alan Heath: Link 1 - Haile's Betting Shop.   Link 2 - Wallsend/Hebburn Ferry.

Hebburn TV Series 1: Introduction: Created by Jason Cook: Link.

A Pedal Round Hebburn: Link.

James Goring's excellent videos: Link.

Remembrance Day Parade: 1986: Brian Taylor: Link.

Hebburn Comprehensive School WWI Film: Link.

Demolition of Northumberland Court: Niccola Taylor: Link.

Hebburn Riverside June 2013: Vikki Lawlor: Link.     Robbie Henderson 1928-2013: Link.

Opening of St Aloysius 1928: Link.

The Metro: Link.

Lord Nelson Leek Show, Monkton, 1976: Link.

Clegwell Boys Modern School - Gilbert and Sullivan, 1952: Link. 

Monkton Coke Works: Coalmonk5 Link.

Maffu GB - Hebburn: Link.

George Edmunds - Last Survivor Of Indian Mutiny: Funeral Hebburn Cemetery 1929: Link.

Oral History – Tweddell, Dorothy: British civilian worked as engraver at Hawthorn Leslie shipyard, Newcastle, 1940-1945.             Dorothy was son-in-law to message board regular and Administrator, Mac Cummings:  Link:

North East Traffic Cameras: Link.

Song By John Barnshaw: Get out of My Life